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UKC Top Ten Number One
Patterdale * 2010


UKC Top Ten * UKC  GR CH
Total Dog ( 3 )

 CH Badakhashan Beauregard COG TD

UKC DD I * provisional

 Sire: Badakhashan Kimberwicke 
Dam: Lost Lake Lady Godiva

" Beau "

Form Follows Function * Beau excells in the field

as well as in the show ring.He has also been successful

in performance events.His mark as a stud has been


Photo @ 11 weeks

Beau's most recent progeny, great grand daughter

Tinker Toy. Watch for her to make her debut

the show ring this fall. ( Update Tink earned her UKC

 Champion Title at 10 mo. of age ) 

Photo by Crystal Packard
Littermate * Zig Zag
owned by Crystal Packard
"Ziggy " is an up & coming Weight Pull star !


 First Place * UKC Top Ten * Conformation 2010



 Beau won BOB under judges James Coleman

& Debbie Kay at the last UKC show cluster of

his career.Beau has retired from competition.

Shown winning BOB under James Coleman 12/2010.

Thank you Tammy & Johnna for handling him

to these final wins & his # 1 Top Ten ranking.



Beau * Age 10

with Tammy *Sunshine Terrier Club * FL


 Beau * Age 2

North American Working Terrier Classic * KY



         Beau is ranked 1st place in the

            UKC Top Ten Standings for 2010.

In a decade of competing in Conformation,

Beau has consistently been CH/GR CH

or " Best ".We are proud to have owned

& bred this outstanding Patterdale !



 Some chronological snapshots 2001-2010
From the archives......
NAWTC in KY * Rs Grand Champion
over all terrier breeds.
Who knew to what heights he would soar !
Beau pictured as our Rising Star of the Month in 2005
after having won Reserve Grand Champion at the
North American Working Terrier Classic in KY.
Beau won this award over all Colored terriers &
Jack Russells who competed in the Classic (at age 5). 
 Conformation judge was Geoff Burnhill of Great Britian. 
Beau in May 2005 shown after winning Best In Match *
at the GGDFA Rare Breed Show * Gainesville FL.

Beau * At age 9

Photo by Main St. Gallery * Gordon GA


 For the past five years Beau has had progeny qualify

for the UKC Top Ten as well as being 5th in Top Ten 

himself the first year he was exhibited with UKC at age 8 & 1st in 2010 at age 10 1/2.


* 2006 *

# 3 CH Tarjac's Pistol Pete

* 2007 *

# 3 GR CH Linruff's Got It Hot

# 4 GR CH CMC's Mighty Mack of Dodgion 

* 2008 *

# 1 GR CH CMC's Mighty Mack of Dodgion

# 2 GR CH Linruff's Got It Hot (tie w/Klaire )

#  4 CH Lost Lake Flipper

# 5 CH Badakhashan Beauregard

# 6 GR CH CMC's Heavy Metal

* 2009 *

# 2 GR CH Tarjac's Omega of Fox Briar

# 3 GR CH Linruff's Got It Hot

# 4 GR CH Fox Briar Jeremiah ( tie )

# 4 GR CH CMC's Tara the Terror of Oakleaf

# 9 GR CH CMC's Heavy Metal


# 1 GR CH Badakhashan Beauregard

# 6 CH 5 Star Vntg History In the Makin

# 7 GR CH CMC's Tara the Terror of Oakleaf

* " Tara " won UKC Top Ten BOB again in 2011 !

* " Party " won BOB ( 2 ) at UKC Premier as well !




Beau * Total Dog *  2009







Another Championship !

GCTN Trial II * Non JR Conformation CH under Geoff Burnhill * England ( below )

GCTN Trial I  * Non JR RS CH under Dan Grimmel * USA
Beau shown being awarded the
GCTN Non Jack Russell Championship
by judge Geoff Burnhill, England, 2 months
shy of his 9th birthday !!!!
Beau was named the Veteran Colored Terrier
Conformation CH under judge Judith Stuckey
at the November 2008 Ochlockonee River PC
Trial.He was also the Veteran Racing CH for
Dogs Over 12 1/2 and placed 6th in Brush Hunt.




The proof of a great sire is in his progeny.............
     PTCA Hall of Fame
         Conformation  GR CH
UKC # 1 Top Ten Patterdale 2010
UKC Top Ten Patterdale 2008
                PTCA  CH      
               PTCA COG
 BWTA Barn Hunt Certificate
     BWTA Trial Certificate
Daughters :
1.National Ch Puppy/PTCA CH ~ 
Badakhashan Phoenix TC ( Schmansky )
2.UKC/PTCA/International CH ~
Badakhashan Nutmeg COG ( Tarjac )
Lost Lake Flipper ( Lost Lake ) * UKC # 4 Patterdale 2008
Craft's Copper Kettle ( Linruff & Houston )
5.Conformation CH ~
Racing CH PTCA Nationals
Blazing Jack's Black Bean ( Fox Cry )


                                   PTCA Ntl CH Badakhshan Phoenix TC

                                                bred by Fox Briar


         UKC CH  Lost Lake Flipper

           owned/bred by Lost Lake






        Linruff's Got It Hot

 owned by CMC/bred by Linruff

UKC UFR USR GR CH/PTCA CH Fox Briar Jeremiah COG owned by Fox Briar


 Linruff's Got It Hot ( CMC ) * UKC # 2 Patterdale 2008 * UKC Top Ten # 3  2009
PTCA National Rs BIS
PTCA Regionals CH
7.INTL CH Linruff Rogue COG
( Del Manto * Brazil )
8.UKC GR CH/PTCA CH Tarjac's Omega of Fox Briar COG *  UKC Top Ten # 2  2009
9. ARBA CH Fox Briar Jonah COG
( Tarjac )
10.UKC CH Tarjac's Fianna
( Dragonheart )
11.UKC CH Tarjac's Pistol Pete
UKC Top Ten # 3  2006
( Gorlow )
12.UKC CH PTCA Nationals Racing CH Tarjac's Seamus
( Dragon Heart )
13.UKC UFR USR GR CH /PTCA/Intl CH Fox Briar Jeremiah COG * UKC Top Ten # 4 ( tie with Tara)  2009
14.PTCA Nationals Racing RS CH
PTCA Nationals GTG CH
Tarjac's Scully * COG
 ( Tarjac )
Tarjac's Cinnamon of Fox Briar


   Tarjac's Pistol Pete *

                                                                              Bred by Tarjac * Owned by S Gorlow

16.UKC GR CH/PTCA CH CMC's Mighty Mack
of Dodgion T T ( Dodgion ) * UKC # 1 Patterdale 2008
ARBA # 1 Patterdale 2008
17.UKC GR CH * PTCA CH CMC's Heavy Metal WP ( CMC ) * UKC # 6 Patterdale 2008 * UKC Top Ten
# 9 ( tie with our UKC GR CH/PTCA CH Fox Briar Rebel Son COG ) 2009
18.UKC GR CH CMC's Shams' Reflection of MA * TC ( MA & Thomases )
Great Great Grand Daughters & Grandsons
19.PTCA 2009 National Champion   
      PTCA 2010 National Champion
      UKC Top Ten BOB 2009
  *CMC's Tara the Terror of Oakleaf   ( Oakleaf )* UKC GR CHCH *
UKC Top Ten # 4  tie  with our UFR USR UKC GR CH/PTCA CH Fox Briar Jeremiah COG )  2009
UKC Top Ten # 7 * 2010
20.PTCA 2009 National Puppy Rs CH/PTCA Regional Puppy Champion * MA Thomas Abigail ( Amber Holland )
21.UKC CH 5 Star Vntg History In
The Makin
2010 UKC Top Ten # 6 ( Valerie Ann Piltz )

LOOKING to the FUTURE ...........




                             " OMEGA "






Beau Competing in Trailing & Locating
Beau Hunting Underground
South East Celebration
 Lure Coursing * DFZ

~ PTCA HALL OF FAME ~ 2001 PTCA NATIONAL CHAMPION PUPPY  (Under Judge Karen Fitzpatrick IL * PTCA Nationals Texas ) ~ PTCA CERTIFICATE OF GAMENESS ~ BWTA TRIAL CERTIFICATE/BARN HUNT CERTIFICATE ~ UKC Top Ten ~ UKC Total Dog ~ UKC GRCH ~Badakhashan Beauregard was bred by our kennel (formerly Badakhashan)/ co bred with Paxton  ). He is producing champions that perform in the ring & in the field. SIRE OF : 2003 PTCA National CH Puppy ~ Badakhashan Phoenix TC ~ 2003 CKC Best in Show Puppy ~ UKC/Intl/PTCA CH ~Badakhashan Nutmeg COG ( Tarjac ) 2004 CKC Res Best in Show Puppy~ PTCA/UKC CH Lost Lake Flipper  ( Lost Lake )TC * PTCA CH Craft's Copper Kettle (Linruff ) 2004 Fox Cry Trial(Jan.)Reserve Champion Puppy~ Blazing Jacks Black Bean 2004 Fox Cry Trial (March) Champion Puppy ~ Blazing Jacks Black Bean ( Fox Cry ) Grandsire of : UKC GRCH Linruff's Got it Hot ( CMC ) UKC GRCH/PTCA CH Tarjac's Omega of Fox Briar COG ~ UKC GRCH/PTCA CH Fox Briar Jeremiah  COG  ~ UKC/PTCA CH Tarjac's Cinnamon of Fox Briar ~ ARBA CH Fox Briar Jonah COG ( Tarjac) UKC CH Tarjac's Pistol Pete ( Gorlow ) Intl CH Linruuf Rogue COG ( Del Manto ~ Brazil ) ~ UKC CH Tarjac's Fianna ( Dragonheart ) ~ UKC CH Tarjac's Seamus (Dragonheart ) ~ Great Grandsire of : UKC GRCH /PTCA CH CMC's Mighty Mack of Dodgion ( Dodgion ) ~ UKC GRCH/PTCA CH CMC's Heavy Metal (BIS Puppy )( CMC ). ~ Great Great Grand Sire ~ PTCA National CH 2009 & 2010  UKC Top Ten BOB 2009 UKC GR CH/PTCA CH CMC's Tara the Terror of Oakleaf ( Oakleaf ) ~ UKC CH 5 Star Vntg History In The Makin . In 2005 Beau was the North American Working Terrier Classic( KY )RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION Conformation Terrier under Judge Geoff Burnhill of Great Britian. Beau was the 2007 Blue Grass Working Terrier Association( KY ) Barn Hunt Champion for the year.Beau has numerous other Colored Terrier Championships throughout the US, including Magnolia Classic I & II in TN.

Pedigree of  UKC GR CH/PTCA Ntl CH " Badakhashan Beauregard" HOF COG TD * Beau was co bred with Heather Cromwell *Paxton Kennels

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
Badakhashan Kimberwicke 
Bred by Fox Briar     



Kerry O'Toole  


Lost Lake Lady Godiva
Bred by Lost Lake

Lost Lake A-1  
Vetzel's Bee Bop  



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